SUST History

Vision & Mission & Objective


Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) is situated in Khartoum State, in the heart of Sudan. SUST will become a distinguished institution of applied sciences, a global center of excellence in scientific research, and committed to community services.


  • SUST provides educational programmes in applied knowledg in the fields of Basic, Engineering & Medical sciences, and humanities & natural resources, and keeps pace with modern programmes
  • SUST produces a great deal of original scientific research of practical nature that leads to sustained development and the ability to cope with new technology, thus leading to the emergence of prominent & distinguished scientists of high international calibre and reputation
  • SUST accomplishes its share in the scientific, technological and industerial development and public services in SUDAN, thus serving the community.


  • Ensuring and originating the Sudanese identity through applied programs
  • Providing educational opportunities and preparing students and awarding degrees in humanities and applied sciences
  • Carrying out research to fulfill the various and changing needs and upgrade the community
  • Innovating, transferring and availing of the technology for the welfare of the people
  • Opening cooperation channels with other higher education and scientific research institutions inside the country to help achieve development plans
  • Placing concern on intellectual issues , folklore and development in the Arab, African and Islamic world
  • Training the students and strengthening cooperation ties with the other institutions
  • Giving advices and cooperating with firms within the limit of its finance and human resources