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Relieving the burdens of living project for the university workers

In pursuance of improving and creating a favorable environment for work at the university to enable the university to realize its academic, administrative and syndicalist message the following projects have been adopted.

  • Mass transport for all the workers .
  • Workers' food (provisions) project (wheat-sorghum) .
  • Providing consumer goods complexes at the prices prescribed by competent authorities .
  • Provision of the backed bag for both the competent fasting segments and vulnerable ones .
  • Providing sacrificial sheep at the prices prescribed by the competent authorities .
  • Accomplishing charitable funds at different locations on sound administrative and accounting basis for those willing to address through thick and thin social issues such as wedding and help revive the good codes of family and social integration .
  • Settling the workers' benefits from the returns of Cafeteria at the university headquarters and the South wing building .
  • Establishing investment projects in co-ordination with the university administration, deans and the executive office and branch bodies, trade union units in various locations to provide the necessary subsidies at different events as well as the implementation of the social projects for trade union activity .
  • Follow-up the implementation of the housing projects for teachers in various sites, in installments and public housing projects taking advantage of the national housing projects by renting some of the houses (for those wishing to rent them) in coordination with the university administration .
  • Formulating projects for providing vehicles, electrical devices and household appliances and furniture and necessary goods for employees in various categories in affordable installments .
  • Provision of loans in an emergency to alleviate financial distress .
  • Implementation of investment projects for prospective investors following the submission of feasibility studies n coordination with the university administration .
  • Follow-up the implementation of kindergartens in large complexes of the university to create a stable atmosphere for all the university workers. This process shall be undertaken in coordination with the Institute of Child and Family Development and the university administration, College of Education and university workers syndicate .
  • Follow-up the implementation of the staff rest house in various sites and rehabilitation of the staff house at the university headquarters and completion of the second floor of the house of the workers' union. This procedure will be accomplished by taking advantage of the maps designed during the office of the former vice-chancellor by his assistant for development and which were handed over to the engineering department by the former deputy and the incumbent vice-chancellor through the executive office of the trade union of the university. This is further intended to create a favorable environment to coordinate with the society of the Holy Qur'an, the association of working women and development, institute of family and child development for the implementation of the national programs with the executive bureau of the subsidiary body and the general union of workers of higher education and scientific research and the Sudan general federation of trade unions and the university graduates al in the framework of continuation of generations .
  • Benefiting from the accumulated expertise of the university in the field of textile, industrial and technical education for the provision of household furniture and workers needs of clothes, and to encourage investment and training of trade union cadres across the country in coordination with the university administration and the institute of family and child development and the national union of Sudan workers .
  • Implementing retirees colleagueship fund and setting up a committee from the university administration and the subsidiary body of the university workers' union to address the remarks that came up after the announcement of the project which was prepared by the union and administration representatives taking into consideration the different categories in the university of staff and workers and the viable importance of the project for the continuation of generations .