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The Vice Chancellor, Professor Awad Saad Hassan, chaired the Senate Board meeting No. (2/2020-134), where he briefed the board on the progress of the university affairs. He briefed them on the examinations of the first year B and the agreements that the university concluded with the state universities.

The meeting approved the results of the final examinations of the College of Graduate Studies in postgraduate diploma, master and doctoral levels, in addition to the results of the examinations submitted by the colleges at the university level. The Board, in its entirety, has confidence in the recommendations of the committee to consider improving the status of professors, in addition to the report of the e-learning regulations committee. The council also approved the proposal to amend the regulations and examination systems for the credit hours system 2008 AD - (2016 AD amendment 2020 AD + 2019 AD amendment 2020 AD).

The Board approved proposals to restructure the College of Graduate Studies, a postgraduate diploma program in art and design was approved, in addition to the proposal to establish an e-learning department with the aim of enhancing the electronic process of implementing e-learning policies.