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Sudan University of Science and Technology held the first meeting of the new trustees council. The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Intisar Al-Zein Saghiroun, praised the experience of the Sudan University of Science and Technology for the application of e-learning as the first Sudanese university. She indicated that the percentage of assigning young women to several administrative positions amounted to more than 50%, and this is considered one of the priorities of the government, in addition to the representation of young people to many positions at the university.
She said that the Ministry of Higher Education has begun a twinning program between state and private universities with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experiences and serving societies, which drew her attention to the University of Sudan in this regard. Moreover, she announced that the higher education strategy for the next phase is to raise the percentage of technical education from 10% to 30%, and Sudan University is considered a spearhead in this regard.
President of the University Council, Professor Omar Seddik, spoke about the university’s vision and mission in the next phase of being a beacon for applied sciences in Sudan and the region and a global center for applied research excellence. However, this can be accomplished by continuous development of its curricula to devise means of applying creative technology to achieve balanced development throughout the country, and to secure means for its sustainability by setting policies and plans for its development.
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Awad Saad Hassan, welcomed the attendance and the new membership of the Council. He pried for the deceased Professor Othman Jamal El-Din, the former Secretary of Academic Affairs, and indicated that a year has passed since the appointment of new vice chancellor, and added that during this period the university has accomplished great work in complex circumstances, especially the burdened legacy of the bygone era, the conditions of the Corona pandemic and floods. He added that the real achievement of the university is the launch of the e-learning initiative, which was a collective decision of the higher management, and is considered the first initiative at the level of Sudanese universities.
He referred to the partnerships that were concluded with companies in the field of leather industries and others, and confirmed the university’s interest in the next phase in scientific research, as modern laboratories and equipment.