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STEM Clubs

STEM Clubs

The activities of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) clubs for girls are started in cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Khartoum and in the presence of Director of the UNESCO Chair, Professor Al-Shifa Abdul Qader Hassan, Representative of the UNESCO Office in Khartoum, Ms. Dalal Siddique and Dr. Amna Seralkhatim expert in the field of STEM program clubs and a number of attendees, interested researchers and a large number of professors of Sudanese universities.
Professor Al-Shifa Abdul Qader Hassan explained that STEM is an educational program aimed at promoting and empowering girls in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and stated that: "We seek to harness science to contribute to solving all existing social and economic problems." She pointed out that (STEM) contributes to the country renaissance and is fit to be one of the tools to bridge the gap between women and men in the fields of high Target that qualifies them to occupy many senior and leadership positions in the community.
Ms. Dalal Siddique stressed that the smart partnership between UNESCO and the Sudanese universities in general and Sudan University of Science and Technology in particular represents a sponsorship of all scientific and educational activities in Sudan, She said: "Our main concern is to upgrade the means of scientific research to eliminate cognitive and technical illiteracy".
It is worth mentioning that the program (STEM) continues through many activities in the premises of the UNESCO Chair, colleges of education, the Africa City of Technology and many public and higher education institutions.