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The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, stressed on the importance of intellectual harmony among the various components of Sudanese society to attain a unified vision that addresses the interest of the homeland. This came when he addressed the first SUST intellectual forum, which is entitled (Guidelines for Public Discourse in the Current Situation). Notably, the forum was attended by a number of experts, scholars and those interested in the field. His Excellency, the Vice-Chancellor, provided a historical account for the development stages of the SUST. He said: (The forum is one of the basic means through which we seek to serve the society, repair the social fabric and avoid dangerous machinations and difficulties, that have almost destroyed the unity of the country). He explained that knowledge is the key to the renaissance, the science is basis of awareness and difference of opinion among the people of one nation should lead only to peace and much stronger unity through the realization of wisdom and return to Allah Almighty. He stressed on the continuity of the forum and the handling of issues of interest to young people, students, universities, and all, through a public speech that achieves the goals.
Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. Anas Mohammed Ahmed, praised the principle of dialogue and said: (The issues of dialogue are contemporaneous and urge its initiators, and the start was from here, which aims at openness and contribution to find common visions of Dawa, social, media and economic issues. We hope that the outputs will be a good nucleus that will benefit the institutions of higher education, students and homeland).
Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Ali Al-Ardab called for the realization of reason and trust in Allah. He said: (Scientific institutes of higher education represent positive changes and contribute to the replacement of negative concepts, and the Sudan University of Science and Technology has already gained in that regard. We call for intellectual studies that work to understand the various variables, aims at solving many problems and draw strategies that lead us to the required scientific and intellectual reality).
Dr. Abdul Samad Ali Abdul Samad presented a scientific paper entitled (The Current Situation, the Roots of the Problem and Prospects for the Future).