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Strategic Planning Training Course

Strategic Planning Training Course

The Strategic Planning Department at SUST concluded a training course for the deans of the colleges at the Security Academy for Strategic Studies in the suburb of Soba.
The Principal, Dr. Mohammed Siddiq said that the strategic planning process is one of the objectives for the development of the state and it is very vital for the leadership of the university. He added that this course was meant to push the process of improving the administrative work of the university and expressed his thanks to the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies.
The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Maher Saleh thank the Academy for its cooperation with the University in the process of building the cadres in the Department of Strategic Planning and maintained that this course is important for the advancement of the University. Pro. Maher said the course started with the leading staff of the university because SUST will begin to prepare for the introduction of the strategic planning process in our curricula to promote it.
Director of the Academy, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Multham, said that SUST is the largest pillar of higher education in the country because it possesses educational components that excel on its other platforms in Sudan and neighboring countries. He said that the academy was established by the Security and Intelligence Agency and is affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education in all its systems and programs. Al-Maltham said that the Academy graduated a number of trainees and it grants the fellowship in the strategic planning and qualifies the holder to work in all countries. He pointed out that the Academy offers SUST opportunities in the higher diploma, master and doctorate.
Director of Strategic Planning Department, Dr. Hadia Mubarak Al-Majzoub, said that the graduation of this group of the first-class leaders is a pride for SUST and pushes it forward. She said that the Department of the Strategic Planning strives to reach to the planning goals required for its advancement and applying the status of the plan 2020-2030 through continuous training for all the employees of the university to contribute to the ideas required by the modern era and wished the students success in their professional performance and argued them to apply the doses they received In the process of planning, analysis and implementation for the University development and prosperity.
However, the course lasted for one week during which the trainees received lectures on strategic management, strategic concept, strategic analysis, evaluation and follow-up.