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An American Artist Paints a Wall Mural at SUST

An American Artist Paints a Wall Mural at SUST

The American Charge d affaires in Khartoum, Steven Koutsis, and the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Maher Saleh inaugurated a wall painting by the well-known international graphic artist Prof. Spenser Evans from the University of Texas, USA, in the buildings of the Faculty of Arts, in the presence of a number of observers.
Prof. Maher Saleh Sulaiman expressed his deep happiness for the work that started several months ago. He said, "The field of arts and music is a smart choice for cross-fertilization of ideas and communication. The wall mural expresses the unity of the Sudanese people and the solidarity that they live in and we greatly appreciate the US Embassy links with the Sudanese universities in various programs.
Mr. Steven Koutsis said that the trip of the directors of the Sudanese universities to the United States of America recently came within this framework and there are other upcoming visits beside the scientific forum of the American-Sudanese universities. He added that this mural represents the continuation of this communicative approach in many fields and maintained that they are working to implement many initiatives with SUST. Finally, he thanked the University administration and the College of Arts and the talented students who affirm that the Sudanese people have the capabilities and great talents in the arts and other fields and promised to train and develop these talents.
The Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Hadi, expressed his appreciation for the partnership with the US Embassy and said that the mural represents an expanded lecture on fine arts and the colors reflect the history and culture of Sudanese Folklore, the components of its people and its interconnectedness.
Professor Spenser Evan expressed his happiness with the unique and distinguished partnership with SUST, its students in different academic stages and their cooperating in completing this great work of art.