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Business Incubator Graduates Trainees in Craftsmanship

Business Incubator Graduates Trainees in Craftsmanship

Business Incubators at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), in collaboration with Samiqat Organization for Development (SOD) in Al-Hilaliya, Gezira State, graduated 351 female trainees in fields of leather, dairy, bakery, decoration and microfinance management.
The deputy vice-chancellor, Professor Maher Saleh, said that: "We at SUST commend and value this partnership with SOD in the development of rural people to furnish them with the essential knowledge that lead to their progress and development.
The Commissioner of East Gezira Locality, Mr. al-Shami, praised the great role played by SUST in providing training services to communities in the rural and urban areas of Sudan through various qualified academic staff. He said that such partnerships with civil society organizations serve the communities that seek to increase income through training on such important courses. He added that, SOD is one of the active national organizations that provide services in the fields of roads and water.
The director of Business Incubators, Dr. Najwa Abdullatif, said that the partnership with SOD played a major role in providing these training courses.
The Secretary General of SOD, Dr. Mohamed Al Amin said that the partnership with SUST is a dream that has been achieved for us through these training courses in the field of rural development.