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The inaugural events of the Fifth Festival of Student Creativity, sector (e) kicked off at the sport city of SUST. The opening ceremony of the events was honored by the presence of Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Tijani, Director of Student Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and the representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Sumaya Abu Kashawa, the deputy vice-chancellor of SUST, Professor Mahir Salih Suleiman, Dean of Students at SUST and head of sector (e), Dr. Anas Mohammad Ahmad and a large crowd of guests and students.
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Tijani announced, on behalf of the Minister of Higher Education, the start of the festival, thanked SUST for hosting the event and encouraged students for fair competition and showcase their abilities and creativity to better represent their families and universities.
Professor Mahir Salih valued the extra-curricular competitions of the students in the respect of their sublime meanings and pointed out that SUST was selected to host the festival for its leadership and strategic position among its counterparts.
Dr. Anas Mohammad Ahmad welcomed the audience and stressed his pleasure to supervise the sector (e), indicating that the sector comprises, beside SUST, colleges of Alhikma, Customs Sciences, Royal, Cambridge, Alwasila and Almadain