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Deanship of Scientific Research, in collaboration with Sudan Equestrian Federation and Vet Service Organization, provided a training course on field treatment of horses. The Assistant to the President of the republic, Major General Abdul-Rahman al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, addressed the opening ceremony at the Martyr Hall, saying that horses in Sudan constitute a promising wealth which is used in guarding, sport, agriculture and transportation. He praised the partnership of Sudan University of Science and Technology with the organizations working in the field.
The vice-chancellor, Professor Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, said that SUST is truly caring about the actual application of the triangle of training, scientific research and community service, thus, this training course is organized within the framework of this triangle. His Excellency declared the establishment of a center for horse research at SUST.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Livestock, Dr. Kamal Tagelsir, mentioned that Sudan enjoys good breeds of horses which can be utilized in many areas and expressed keenness of the ministry to participate in the similar training courses that will be organized by SUST in the future as it did successfully in the previous ones.