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Khartoum North Commissioner Visits College of Agricultural Studies

Khartoum North Commissioner Visits College of Agricultural Studies

Khartoum North Commissioner, engineer Siddeeq Mohammed Ali paid a visit to College of Agricultural Studies, SUST, as an invitation from dean of the college.
His Excellency met the college staff and employees and was briefed on the activities carried out by the college in servicing the community by preparing studies for a number of agricultural projects including Um Biaddah and Um Hamra projects in Darfur and Kordofan states in addition to study on palm trees problems in Northern State regarding diseases, instincts and cultivation of banana in Sinnar State. He was also briefed on the joint work carried out by the college and the National Service Co-ordination in forestating Khartoum North.
Further, the Commissioner emphaised the continuity of co-operation between the locality and the college and to make full use of the specialists' expertise in different fields, particularly, in fields of horticulture, agronomy, green houses, extension and rural development.
It was agreed that the college should provide its experiences in establishing model nurseries, gardens, green areas in Khartoum North, taking care of women in the neural areas in the field of family science and community, designing batteries and poultry for the productive families to support families in the locality to increase their income and to make use of the animal outputs.
It was also agreed to form a joint committee including Khartoum North locality and College of Agricultural Studies to follow-up execution of what has been agreed upon.