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The Principals addresses female-security guards Training Course

The Principals addresses female-security guards Training Course

Dr. Osama Alreyess, the Principles of the University addressed the training course of the female security guards, organized by the security and safety Directorate and the students affairs Deanery, at Alshaheed Conference Hall, which attended by the Dean of the students affairs, the Director of Security and safety Directorate and a host of university officials.
The 50-female guards training course consisted of lectures on, Criminal Law, Health Culture, supervision over student and other lecture which aimed at improving the performance of the trainees.
In his speech, the Principals of the University said that the objective of the course is to furnish the Security and Safety directorate with new female cadres, how will deal with the female students in a better way that reflects the good and honorable picture and the expansion witnessed by the university. He said that trainees, in dealing with female-students, female-teachers and female-visitors, will shoulder a great responsibility. He add that there most be a new approach and method to deal with the female-students, stressing the importance of coordination with the supervisors in the students deanery to integrate the efforts and roles so as to improve performance, he thanked those in charge of the course saying that there will be more courses to come.
The director of security and safety, Major Amir Abd Almone’em spoke highly of the standard of development in the university, which comes by merit of the university good administration and the good strategies and staff. Major Amir thanked those in charge of the course, and the student’s affairs deanery, the instructors and supervisors.
The dean of student’s affairs, Dr. Abd ALazeez Karam pointed to the successive accomplishments in different fields, and the development and expansion of the university which entails holding this kind of courses, to create qualified cadres to deal with students.
The female-representative of the trainees highly appreciated the course saying that, the information and knowledge obtained by the trainees will help in stabilizing the university and improving the study environment, this in turns, will lead to graduating qualified students working to the benefit of the society.
At the end of the course, certificates have been awarded to the trainees.