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The Inauguration of the Exhibition of the Da’wa week

The Inauguration of the Exhibition of the Da’wa week

Dr. Osama Alreiyuss, the Principals of Sudan University of Science and Technology and Ustaz Mohamed Suleiman, the Manager of the Administration of Training-Ministry of Awgaf and Guidance, the Minister representative, have inaugurated the Islamic book and Dress Exhibitions, within the frame work of the Sudan University Students Unions program which consists of, symposiums, exhibitions, poetry recitations and quiz.
In his speech, Khalid fadl Elmoua, the head of the students union, welcomed the guests of the university and introduced the Principals of the university. In his turn, the Principles, addressed the celebration appreciating the students union program, hoping that the union will be keen on addressing the cultural and intellectual questions of the students.
Ustaz Mohamed Suleiman, the representative of the Minister of Awqaf and Guidance said that he was honored to attend programs that call for Islamic values, entrenchment of Da’wa, and accentuate the identity of the Nation and the thought. He added that the Islamic thought calls for tolerance and reasoning. He spoke highly of the University of Sudan and the students union, saying that the Ministry of Awgaf and Guidance has granted 300.000 SD to the union