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Interduced Physic Lab in College of Medical Radiologic
The basic department has interduced the first specialized Lab (Radiation Physics Lab) to the Radiology
New Buildings
In the foolowing days there will be an increasing in the building as lecture rooms, offices and Labs
Lecture Rooms in College of Medical Radiologic
Three lecture rooms were built for diagnostic and theraputic student
Seminar for Ph.D in College of Medical Radiologic
Aseminar was presented by Omer Mustafa to score the first Ph.D in Nuclear Medicine Technology from Su
First Ph.D in Sudan (College of Medical Radiologic)
The first Ph.D. in Diagnostic Radiologic Twchnology in Sudan was presented by Dr. Caroline Edward Ayad
The First Curriculum Book Exhibition
The libraries deanship will be having an Exhibition under the title
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Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Certification Program
To help build a solid base of professional Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Inspectors for the sake of s