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The First Curriculum Book Exhibition
The libraries deanship will be having an Exhibition under the title
( a golden opportunity to obta
Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Certification Program
To help build a solid base of professional Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Inspectors for the sake of s
Activities of Honoring ambassador Dr. Beshir El Bakri
The National committee for honoring Ambassador Dr Beshir El Bakri
In collaboration with Colle
Exam assistants safer libraries
This declares Mr. Under the Sudan University of Science and Technology of the masters and women who ha
seminars on "Trends in IT research, development and services," with focus on Japanese experience.
The College of Computer Sciences & Information technology in collaboration with TOKTEN project of UNDP
Training Course on: Non-Destructive Testing
The college of Petroleum Engineering - Sudan university of science and technology organized a traini
Thanks from Dr. Moinuddin to the dean of the College - Dr. Humodi Ahmed Saeed
I hope that my letter finds you amidst the best of everything under the sun.
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