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The second EXPO for Laboratory devices
The second EXPO for Laboratory devices Sudan University of Science & Technology in looperation with S
Selection of CVMAP by sustainable committee for Development, Brussels- Belgium For Master Programme
The college of veterinary Medicine and Animal Production has been selected by sustainable committee
New Seminar will presented in College of Medical Radiologic
A seminars will be presented by Mr. Stephane Chanot , the tittle of it (Advanced Dry/Digital Technolog
Department in College of the medical Radilogy
All the staff department begin to prepare for the Curriculum development by cntinuous meeting
Examination in the College of Medical Radiology
The examination preparation was finshed for the suppementary examination and Final semister exam
Seminars (Students of the College of Medical Radiology)
Seminars which presented by the fourth year students were presented successfuly
MSc. Radiation therapy
Radiation therapty students were accepted for the first time to study in the MSc in Radiation therapy