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SUST Collaboration in Investment Horizons Forum in Ostrich Production
The General Secretariat of the Advisors Board in Ministry of Council of Ministers in collaboration wit
Admission 2007-2008
Admission 2007-2008
Ratification of Establishment of Horton Chair for Excellence & Quality in SUST
Vice chancellor of the university, Prof. Ahmed Altayeb Ahmed presided over the senate meeting no (3) f
Summary of what has been achieved in self.
Sudan University of Science & Technology Evaluation and Accreditation Committee Invitation
A Session on Non-destructive Test
The training course on non-destructive test which was organized by College of Petroleum Engineering an
A Deliberation Session between Vice-chancellor
At 9:30 a.m Khartoum local time i.e 4:30 p.m Tokyo local time in 1/8/2007 a deliberation session was h
A Symposium on curriculum development in SUST
The Evaluation and Accreditation committee in SUST has organized a symposium on curriculum development