SUST History

Hera Medical Complex

The university has prepared the buildings of the West Complex Care Centre, and has entered into a contract with Hira Medical Group to run and operate the center. Hira shall undertake to bear the whole costs of management and operation provided that the medical service shall be under the umbrella of Health Insurance of Khartoum State. The university has, by now, obtained the ratification to provide the service by health insurance cards. In June 2007, Hira Group equipped the Unit with the essential medical equipment and devices- such as X-ray room, sound waves, ECG (Electrocardiogram Device) to measure and record electrical activity of the heart, and an integrated Dental Clinic. Apart from the provision of the cited services, the Group has also provided specialist services in various disciplines- internal medicine, dermatologist ( for skin disease), surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urologists and orthopedics, not to mention the full lab and routine testing services as well as measurement of hormones. The Center provides therapeutic service for the segment of the students , the staff , workers and their families. There is a pharmacy also operating under the umbrella of the health insurance.

The said Unit is considered in full measure to be an effective therapeutic accomplishment and vistas towards the greatest medical care and services manifest in performing surgeries and conducting diagnostic services, MRI(Magnetic Resonance and Imaging) and hypnosis. The Center, provides health care to more than 1000 patients per month.