All conferences & workshops:

International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition , Society of Petroleum Engineers - 3012-01-30

Second Petroleum Forum and Exhibition jointly with the Silver Jubilee Celebration for the Establishment of Petroleum engineering Education in Sudan- 2018-05-01

Innovative Solutions for Exploration and Development Challenges- 2018-03-07

Publishing Connect Author Workshop- 2018-03-04

British Council Open Day- 2018-02-04

An Intellectual Dialogue That Develops Measures for Renaissance and Nations Building- 2017-12-16

2ND Southeast Asia Workshop on Aerospace Engineering (SAWAE 2017), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,- 2017-10-27

International Conferenece on Industrial Engineering and Operations Managment- 2017-04-11

Innovative Geosciences Technology for Hydrocarbon Reserve Addition- 2017-03-29

the first International Conference on Engineering and Applied Science- 2017-03-07

The 1st International Conference on Engineering and Applied Science - ICEAS- 2017-03-07

Workshop on: Evaluation of Programs in Engineering Biology- 2016-12-14

the first Conference on Civil Engineering in Sudan- 2016-12-13

17th Veterinary Medicine conference- 2016-12-08

Aroqa 8th Annual Conference "Enabling Regional Quality in Education" AUB - Lebanon 1-2 December 2016- 2016-12-01

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