All conferences & workshops:

NEW PROJECT, NEW THINKING Co-design as ‘relational design’ Forum- 2017-02-22

المؤتمر الأقليمى لرعاية و أنتاج الأبل تحت النظام الرعوى المفتوح- 2015-03-03

Inaugural Lectures Celebration- 2015-01-27

Meeting With Professor Hiroshi Nawata - 2014-10-28

Research Methodology (RM) Training Course- 2014-09-07

Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing Workshop- 2014-07-13

Flipped Class and the Teaching English through Media- 2014-03-20

The First Short Course In Basic Molecular Biology Techniques- 2014-03-02

International Conference on Distance Education - 2014-01-21

First International Conference on Distance Education- 2014-01-14

International Arab Conference On Information Technology- 2013-12-17

Arab Conference of Information Technology (ACIT) in SUST- 2013-12-17

Breast imaging- 2013-11-12

VSAT and Satellite Systems for Arab Countries- 2013-11-10

breast cancer in Sudan and self assessment methods - 2013-11-04

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