”We are looking for giving our clients innovative solutions that add value to their operations and give them highly qualitative results”

Mission Statement:

We committed to provide integrated and innovative solutions to our clients by utilizing the latest technology, best practices, and recognized industry standards. Through our knowledge and significant experience in the industry, we add value to our client’s operations and build long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. All of these capabilities are oriented for the serving the community.

  • To strength the relationship between the University and the Community, through providing consultancy services to the different sectors.
  • To strengthen the development of the Country and Work on solving the problems of different sectors and improving their performance through providing consultancy and feasibility Studies.
  • To upgrade the technical and ethical values of the Consultancy works.
  • To market the consultancy capabilities of the University in various fields of knowledge with high professionalism and comprehensive care for thebeneficiaries.
  • To utilize the expertise and employ the University’s capabilities in the field of consultancy services.
  • Professionalism and Responsibility.
  • Creativity, innovation and motivation.
  • Excellence in serving and caring customers.
  • Team working and community partnership.
  • Flexibility and Commitment.
  • Valuation continuous professional training and development.
  • Physical Address
    Omak Road, Alryiadh,
    No 9, Plot No. 7,
    Khartoum- Sudan.
  • Postal Address,
    PO Box 2288,
    Khartoum Sudan.
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
    +249 183 476 036