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Publishing guidance and controls

1- Compliance with criteria in effect in publishing and translation which includes:

  1. To believe that science and scientific research are the entrusted means that lead to facts.
  2. To believe in the value of both persistent learning and constant quest .
  3. Open-mindedness is crucial to scientific research, however, rigidity, in activity, one-sidedness, narrow-mindedness and traditional concepts hinders it.
  4. An author should avoid metaphysical interpretation and link phenomena with its direct causes and not to believe in chance particularly in explaining phenomena.

2- Abiding by objectivity and scientific methods in compiling and writing and this is represented in:

  1. Avoiding biased-controversy which is regarded as narrow-mindedness ( intolerance) and one-sidedness put before the concept that the author would like to impose up on others, however, scientific research depends on evidence, observation and analogy.
  2. Accepting the facts that he discovers or are discovered by others even if they are his competitors or opponents.
  3. Honesty and precision; the author should precisely observe and describe the facts and take them altogether whether they matches or mismatches his purposes while observing plagiarism.
  4. Carefulness as well as avoiding claims and un-deliberated judgments unless there are adequate evidences.

3- The written material should be linguistically well-drafted and this covers:

  1. Texts should be free from grammatical and printing mistakes.
  2. Simple style, short sentences and direct words should be used.
  3. Tendency and textual beautifiers should be avoided.
  4. Colloquial phrases should also be avoided.
  5. Punctuation marks should be precisely used. (See appendix no. (1).

4- Tables, figure, illustrations and drawings or any other accepted illustrative means as shown in appendix (1) can be used.

The measures of the general format of the book contents:

  1. Printing the book in one side of a white paper.
  2. The margins of the pages should be 5.2 Cm from up and both sides, 5.3 Cm from the bottom and binding side. .
  3. The font should be New Times Roman for English texts and Simplified Arabic for Arabic texts with a size 12 for both
  4. Titles should be printed in bolt font, size 14.
  5. Tables and figures should be numbered serially.
  6. Each table should be given a particular name and number from up to be referred to there in.
  7. Each figure or illustration should be given a particular name and number from the bottom to be referred to (therein).
  8. Page title should include the name of the university, book title, author name, date and place of compiling.
  9. Table of contents, tables, figures and appendix should be enclosed.

The measures of references and sources documentation:

  1. Scientific documentation could be in one of the following forms:
  2. As a foot- note. b- At the end of a chapter. c- At the end of a research or a book. d- in the text body.
  3. The researcher should follow one school in the process of documentation and citation.
  4. The researcher or the author should enclose a list of the references and the sources he made use of.
  5. There are various schools and methods of references documentation, but there is an agreement among institutions in terms of: a- Scientific books. b- Theses and dissertations. c- Published researches in periodicals. d- Published researches in references and symposia. (see appendix 2). e- For the method of writing the final bibliography see appendix 2.

The measures of a book submitting:

  1. The department or the college approval of the book as a textbook should be enclosed with it besides the publishing permission.
  2. A soft copy, two hard copies, a C.V and two photos of the author should be submitted.
  3. Figures and illustrations should also be submitted if any exists.


The book should be submitted to specialized rubriters for proof-reading conceptual assessment.

For more information see the compiling and publishing regulation of the university. » download presenting Form